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Good Advice

This is an excerpt from Paul Graham’s Rarely-Asked Questions page:

How can I avoid turning into a pointy-haired boss?

The pointy-haired boss is a manager who doesn’t program. So the surest way to avoid becoming him is to stay a programmer. What tempts programmers to become managers are companies with old-fashioned corporate structure, where the only way to advance in salary and prestige is to go into management. So if you want to avoid becoming a PHB, avoid such companies, and work for (or start) startups.

I never had to manage anyone in our startup, even though I was the president. The other hackers were my peers, and would have given me the raspberry if I’d tried to “manage” them. We operated by consensus. And the rest of the company reported to our experienced COO, who was also more of a peer.

Why be a manager when you could be a founder or early employee at a startup?

Good point! is a neat little site I stumbled across that allows you to create a custom splash/profile page. The site is in private beta at the moment but allows you to reserve a url.

Sites like these are great for personal branding, especially if you’re able to use your own registered domains to host/point to them. I’ve been looking for something like this for awhile and have come across a couple of similar services such as and but seems to be the best of the three.

I like the simplicity of these sites. Just add a photo, write a short bio, provide an email address and configure your social networks if you choose and you’re done.