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Organizing Email

I just spent a significant amount of the morning getting organized. I’ve been really, really busy at work the past few weeks and I have fallen behind on everything in my personal life. I haven’t kept up with the financials and had to get all the bills caught up and paid today. Also, my email box was just a mess. I had over 650 emails read but sitting in the inbox. This makes it hard to see new emails and bill alerts so I just finished up deleting and archiving items to reduce the inbox size to 33 emails. Now I’m questioning the email application I use.

I am currently using Yahoo! mail which is OK but I am missing the Archive function that GMail has. It would be nice to send these remaining 33 email items to an archive thus hiding it from my inbox view. Instead with Yahoo! mail I must create my own Archive folder and move the items there. I think the GMail labeling system is a bit cleaner and more user friendly.

I also have a Hotmail account which I don’t use at all. I looked at the interface today and I don’t like that application much either. It looked a bit better before the latest update in my opinion. The hotmail account I use specifically for my MSDN subscription, MCP account profile and MSN IM only. I don’t think I’ve ever sent an email from this account. I should take a good look at Hotmail though to see if it has better features than Yahoo! mail. I’ve noticed some service interruptions lately from Yahoo! mail and I’m getting a bit frustrated.

Of the three email accounts the primary is Yahoo! mail, but I am thinking I may switch over to use the GMail account as the primary. One reason is that the Yahoo! mail is tied to my DSL subcriptions. If I ever decide to switch to another internet provider I’m going to have to update all my contacts which use this account and that would be a pain. GMail seems to operate much faster too and I can hook it up to my iPhone using IMAP which is nice.